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Affordable Explosion-Proof LED Bulbs - UL Listed - Today Obtainable In The USA

Up to now, finding an affordable (challenge I say reasonably priced) LED Explosion-Proof Light has been hard. The choices are restricted. And we all know what happens when offer is limited. Costs remain high.

Retrofitting isn’t an option both. If the fitting was a regular high bay or streetlight then replacing it using a LED head and LED driver and pulling away the Metal-Halide or High-Pressure-Sodium bulb. But the UL-1598C common that relates to these packages do not connect with explosion-proof lighting fixtures. So if you wish to retrofit, you'd need to get the retrofitted light r e- licensed and tested. And this only makes sense, you can’t be safe enough when it comes to explosion proof lights.

So you had 2 bad alternatives: pricey new lighting fixtures or affordable retro fit packages and a costly recertification. Maybe not choices that are great.

Luckily, that’s about to change. A new point of three Explosion-Proof LED Bulbs are actually on the market, DesignLights Consortium Certified, Class 1 Div 2, IP68 and UL Listed. Models include 185 w model, 100 watt and a 40 watt. All operate at 100 lm/w efficacy, generating up to 18,500 lumens, more than enough to replace a 400 High-Pressure-Sodium. watt watt Metal Halide or 400 The 100w version generates 10,000 lumens, a really good alternative to 250 watt metal halide, as well as the 40w model is a good replacement a 100-150 watt metal halide fixture. All versions can be found with mounting options that are several, and each light can act as a highbay, bay that is low, cover light or flood light, making them exceptionally flexible. And since they are qualified, they are supported with a 5 yr warranty.

These lights are well late, a fantastic lighting fixture at a manageable cost. And having them DLC Capable permits for the possibility of refunds at time of purchase. If accessible, the cost of the goods raises together with minimizes time to realize pay back after the bulbs are installed.

These lights are nominees for setups in the surroundings that are dangerous that are following:

- Lighting for refineries

- Chemical Plants as well as Processing

- Natural Gas Processing

- Coal Mines

- Military

- Aerospace

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