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Converting HPS High-Masts Lights And Metal Halide To LED has years of expertise retrofitting and replacing present Metal-Halide and High Pressure Sodium Lights up to LED, and High-Mast Lights are no different. We've helped many customers retro-fit their existing fixtures together with replace their bulbs. And High Mast bulbs also can be retro-fitted or replaced. But what is reasonable?

Some of our competitors who only sell retro-fit options promises retrofitting is the alternative that is obvious. Some of our competitors who sell exclusively lighting fixtures that are new promise changing is the alternative that is obvious. Very few of our competitors provide both choices, therefore we've the enviable position of being unbiased. Therefore here are the variables that we think you should consider.

1. But what about new lighting fixtures? Yes, those are a great alternative, and in all honesty, we think our Led High-Mast Lighting Fixtures are not so bad that they are one use where we feel new is preferable to retro-fit. You'll find two chief reasons we actually enjoy our high mast lighting fixtures. Our largest device is 900W. lumens and 103,000 However, an extremely special LED High Mast 400W fitting that generates 52,000 lumens and is a best 1000W HIGH INTENSITY DISCHARGE High Mast alternative. was designed by us Second, new attributes have been designed by us into our high mast lights that makes old style HIGH INTENSITY DISCHARGE lamps outdated. The ability to pivot our lights outwards into the area permits US to transfer the lighting fixture where it's needed.

2. So when does retro fitting make feeling? If your fixtures are leaking, obsolete, or aged. Sometimes the lenses around the fixtures get yellowed from your UV array of the old bulbs. And this might me-an you've got to restore the contacts. S O at some point the price of retro fit does not sound right. If you should be utilizing bleached lenses that are yellowed you'd perhaps not need to retro-fit a high mast fixture.

3. Retrofitting may be more economical (maybe). And it depends on how you retrofit. Our kits are the most strong units and power efficient on the market. All our packages are more than 130 lumens/ watt as large as 150 lumens. Compare that to some of the competitors at 110 and 97 lumens per watt. What does that mean? It means electricity that is not as much will be consumed by you with our kits than theirs. But that’s only half the story. We also offer the most powerful standalone led retrofit kit on the marketplace at 350 Watts and 47,119 lumens, a great combination to restore 1000W. However, if you were to utilize a challenger’s remedy, custom discs might have to be produced to include several retro-fit heads on an installation plate. So that is where retro-fit doesn't sound right. At this time, new fixtures cost not mo Re than their solution. Our alternative, however, is a single brain and nevertheless is sensible because no plates are required. It’s as straightforward as a bulb and ballast replacement.

So what is best for you? There isn't any answer that is correct, but you may walk through the alternatives and allow you to decide. We now have the ability to do a photometric evaluation in your space to establish foot-candle levels for your own place. Call us and we may walk you through the process.

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